Grant Guidelines

The George B. Storer Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals or materials.

We proactively seek new partnerships based on our strategic program areas, and will invite organizations whose work intersects with our interests to submit a Letter of Inquiry through our online grants management system.

The Foundation’s staff and board evaluate proposals based on the following attributes:

      • Does the work advance the Foundation’s strategic priorities?
      • Does the work activate and leverage networks?
      • Does the work focus on systemic and/or institutional change?
      • Does the grant complement existing efforts in the field?
      • Is the budget appropriate for the work proposed?
      • Do the individuals doing the work have a proven track record of success?
      • Are there other organizations doing this work, or is this effort/approach to the problem unique?
      • Will the grant fund new ideas or innovative ways of approaching a problem?
      • Will a grant from the Foundation play a significant role in the work being funded? Will Foundation funding make a difference?
      • Does the grant encourage collaborative work among other grantees or organizations?
      • Does the grant provide initial funding for work that has the potential to act as a catalyst, or flourish in other areas?
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