The George B. Storer Foundation is a legacy of its namesake, a twentieth century businessman and a pioneer in the field of radio and television broadcasting. George B. Storer’s aptitude, business acumen, and savvy, gracious demeanor led to numerous successful ventures, most notably the growth of the Storer Broadcasting Company, later Storer Communications, Inc.

George B. attributed his success to:

1) Recognizing the potential in the field
2) Building a quality organization
3) Providing exceptional service to the communities where the company had broadcast and cable holdings

The Foundation’s current trustees have adopted and molded these principles to their work today, recognizing the full potential of the field of philanthropy, building an effective and impactful organization, and providing exceptional service to the communities in which the Foundation works.

Video: George B. Storer receiving the Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of Broadcasters, April 1975.